Five ways to style... Victorian Fireplace

Well, I'm finally putting together an interiors blog post, shocking effort I know. I've been so distracted by leaving my full time job and trying to set up on my own that I've pretty much neglected the interiors side of my blog.

Over on Instagram I use the hashy #burrowandstyle when I post anything styling related so I'm upping my game with a 'ways to style' series. This time it's five ways to style a victorian fireplace.

It always amazes me how easy it is to change up a room just by rearranging your accessories or swapping them out for those in a different room. With reducing waste being at the forefront on everyone's minds, it is more important than ever that we invest in key pieces instead of picking up shiny new things one week at the supermarket and finding they don't stand the test of time.

This is my current set up, I'm not one to theme or follow trends, I like what I like and I pop them where I like. I guess we could call this an eclectic look?!

This look is mostly bits I've collected over the years, many of them have been around the house for a while with just a few bits from the shop added below.


Sammy's Greenhouse...

I think it's fair to say that Botanicals are all the rage right now and you can totally see why. Not only are plants great for your respiratory health they bring so much softness and tranquility to any room. Yeah ok, these are all faux but I do have to keep myself and a pesky house bunny alive. I can't take the pressure of caring for plants too!

In this set up, I've keep things super simple with black and white whilst picking up the green in the victorian tiles through the botanical tones and I bloody love it. It has to be my favourite look.

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It's all fun and games...

When it comes to decorating or styling your own home my first rule is that there has to be no design rules. I know I've said this before but if it's your home then you have to love it.

Your home needs to be the place that makes your heart happy so for that reason, here's my take on playful styling. Surround yourself with things that 'spark joy' - isn't that what it's all about right now?

Again I've focused on a limited colour pallet but brought in some hints of yellow, I love yellow as a colour, it really does bring in some yummy warmth and brighten your day.

FYI, someone once told me that my Aura is yellow. Google and trusted psychic mediums tell me that "The yellow aura is one of the most joyful auras in the spectrum" and I'll take that. Joyful, playful, fun and laughter have to be what it's all about right?!

FYI, yes thats a real plant! My pride and joy Peace Lilly - Penelope.

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Rock and Boho Roll

I'm not actually sure what's rock and roll about this set up but it's stuck in my head.

I think all too often we go looking for hero colours and in obvious places like furniture and wallpaper but sometimes taking colour inspo from the less obvious can be more effective. Here I've taken inspo from the logs in the fireplace and introduced a subtle burnt orange earthy colour whilst sticking with the simple black, white and botanical base.

Adding detail with new textures, patterns and materials like concrete and geometric shapes and wire will add to the depth without being too distracting.

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Keep things simple

So this is my least favourite, and every fibre of my being was telling me to stop at four ways to style. However, just because I'm not a minimalist it doesn't mean its wrong (totally sure there's still too much in this shot to really be classed as minimal).

Sometimes we do just need to strip things back and create space to breath. A few plants and candles and thats that... a simple and classic place to relax and think.

So there we go, the start of a new series.

Until then, drop me a comment below sharing which is your favourite and why. Also if you'd like to see me dress the fireplace in another style then let me know what you would like to see.